NAI Netherlands undertakes valuations of commercial real estate concerning purchases, sales, annual accounts, financing, IFRS, IPD index, due diligence projects, Merger&Acquisition, and rental- and fiscal business aspects.  Examples of items for property valuation are:  office-, commercial- and retail space, residential complexes, hotels, marinas and land holdings (development and re-development locations).

Our senior experts visit the relevant site themselves and provide a clear foundation for its valuation in the market in question.  What you can expect is a complete and clear report which meets much higher than expected standards.  Naturally our reports adhere to all of the standards as set by the RICS Redbook (Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors) and the regulations NRVT (Dutch Register Real Esate Valuers), and our Valuers operate independently.

Thanks to our depth of knowledge and many years of experience, you can also come to us for specialist valuations in various local markets.  Consider:

  • leasehold estates
  • logistics and distribution centres
  • car parks
  • water purification plants
  • petrol stations
  • regulated-/restricted use property
  • quarries
  • natural bodies of water
  • superseded properties such as prisons, former defence property, airports.

As part of our valuation process we:

  1. Analyse the market
  2. Analyse the specific characteristics of the property
  3. Appraise the property in its relevant market context.

The outcome is a sound value estimate which is based on the correct parameters.

Active involvement in quality improvement of valuations

We actively contribute to quality improvement of valuation standards in the Netherlands.  We do this by taking on roles in various umbrella organisations and by joining important platforms related to the valuation profession.

  • Chair of the division of Bedrijfsmatig Vastgoed (Commercial property) of VastgoedCert and intrim Expert Commssion NRVT
  • Membership of the PTA
  • Collaboration on the development of the TMI model (Valuation Management Institute)
  • Membership of the TMI Group of Experts
  • Member of Valuations Commission at the RICS
  • Organisation of CPDs and the RICS Valuers Conference 2013 and 2015Management