You are looking for a new business accommodation, so it is essential to us that we become totally involved in the nature of your aspirations, needs, financial circumstances and disposition.  What suits you best?  Where will you be able to feel most settled?  Based on factors such as these we will achieve the best possible outcome for you.

NAI Netherlands believes in the possibility of achieving an ideal match between people and property.  We never rest until you are feeling at home in your new environment.  Should there be any doubts about the right match, then we will organise a test-fit to make sure that all relevant criteria and costs are clearly identified.  This will clarify if you are about to make the right move.

You will also find us an efficient and dependable partner for rental contract renegotiations.



To be able to rent out and/or sell commercial property, it is important to have a motivated and dedicated partner with you who:

  • Provides high levels of market exposure of your property, where ever necessary
  • Works creatively to make your property stand out from others
  • Uses extensive networking to find a suitable tenant or purchaser
  • Does not give up until the best possible deal has been completed.

NAI Netherlands is this partner.

Our real estate agents have a proven track record of expertise spanning many years, which includes an effective assertive approach to their work.  Your allocated contact person will be at your side and service for the continuation of the project, will not delegate anything, will be readily available and keep you informed of every detail.