R&B Real Estate B.V. (NAI Netherlands) is a RICS Regulated Firm and therefore needs to comply with the RCIS Code of Conduct for businesses. We confirm that we adhere to and operate as per the ethical standards and RCIS Rules of Conduct.  Our Real Estate Agents and Property Valuers are subject to RCIS disciplinary rules.  NAI Netherlands is a member of and adheres to NVM rules, regulations and codes.  Non-conforming actions can be subjected to disciplinary action by the NVM.  RICS regulated companies are routinely assessed and can be audited for compliance to RICS regulations on conduct and disciplinary measures.  We collaborate fully with such assessments.

Should you be dissatisfied about our services at all, then you can lodge your complaint or suggestion using the following process:

  • By written mail: NAI Netherlands, Attn:  NAI Directorate, Concertgebouwplein 15, 1071 LL Amsterdam.
  • By e-mail: info@nainetherlands.nl or by phone:  +31 20-364 00 07

To lodge and follow up a complaint the following procedure applies:

Step 1
Report your complaint to the relevant agent or property valuer.

Step 2
The agent or valuer will action the complaint, provides an immediate response, or indicates within which timeframe you can expect a response.

Step 3
Various complaint assessment options are available.  Which one is applied depends on the specific circumstances.  The agent or valuer will work towards finding an appropriate solution together with you.

Step 4
Should we be unable to reach a satisfactory solution together, then you can escalate the complaint procedure and approach the NVM, (www.nvm.nl) or the RICS (www.rics.org/us/regulation).