The aim of this business Code of Conduct is to provide rules and regulations for Directors and employees, so they may meet the highest of professional, ethical and legal standards expected by NAI Netherlands. To support these standards, NAI Netherlands is a national member of the NVM; Dutch Real Estate Agents Board.  NAI Netherlands also has the international Certificate “Regulated by RICS”. This Certification guarantees that NAI adheres to all of the strict RICS codes of conduct.  ( Globally, NAI Netherlands operations are based on the following common core values:

  • The interests of our Clients are paramount
  • We operate within the highest possible levels of trust, respect, righteousness and integrity
  • We demand high levels of quality and strive for continuous improvement
  • We believe in transparency, communication and collaboration
  • We are dynamic, innovative and creative
  • We are process managers and excellent team members
  • We are internationally focussed and operate locally
  • We are open to change and take initiative
  • We strive for the most challenging, stimulating, professional and pleasant work environment

We provide our clients with advice of a value-adding nature. Our clients are positioned central to this process.  Our work is carried out carefully and discretely, and in compliance with professional and legal regulations.  We are objective, honest and transparent in our operations.

Integrity as well as corporate responsibility are essential factors in our business operations.  Trust from clients, employees and the community are important requirements.  Neither client information, nor company reports will be used for any additional purpose, or become publicly available.

We are professionals who reflect optimal service and quality.  We ensure that our clients are assisted by the best of our people.  All of our staff, in their various roles, conduct themselves in an objective and reliable manner.  Our services can be separated into agency, valuations and advisory. Actual real estate functions are always kept physically as well as digitally separate from valuation services.

Conflicts of interest
We avoid conflicts of interest related to our clients as well as property.  We check for any potential risks related to this when we start business.  We avoid personal conflicts of interests of clients and/or in our dealings with them.

Additional functions
Additional functions can only be undertaken after managerial approval. In evaluating interests, consideration will be given to whether there is any question of the additional functions raising any conflicts related to those involved.

Gifts regulation
We only accept gifts, favours, etc. as long as there is no threat to integrity, and objectivity is maintained.

Prior knowledge
Directors, nor employees, in a private or work capacity, are to deal in property or effects of which they have prior inside knowledge.

Directors are notified of any dealings contravening the Code of Conduct.  Pending the gravity of the breach, those involved will receive a warning, be suspended or undergo other appropriate disciplinary action.  Where this involves a Director, the other Directors will be informed and suitable sanctioning will be implemented by this group.

Monitoring of implementation of the complaints procedure is done through the NAI Netherlands Directorate.

End note
This Code of Conduct document forms part of individual NAI contracts of employment and will be regularly evaluated for compliance as part of the organisation’s operational processes and as relevant to standard or assigned tasks.